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I am an artist, a mother, a witch, and an aromatherapist, living happily among a wonderful community in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I spend my days honouring Mother Earth through my work and my garden, and my growing family. I have an art and ceramics background, as well as a strong interest in birth and aromatherapy. I find inspiration for my paintings in many things. I find I am continually amazed by the unusual and lovely people I meet on my journey. I feel excited and privileged to be alive in this time of the "great turning", an awakening of our human impact on our planet, with a chance to create more sustainable and peaceful ways of living together.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

hello, lovely lovely people.....so, being the archaic techno-dinosaur that I so obviously am - I have only just found all your wonderful comments. I have been trying to change my banner, and well, just about everything on this blog, when alongside my fiddling and meddling, I hit the comments button....ah, and there you were sweet friends. So thank you, thank you, for your solidarity and loveliness on what has been a slightly challenging day. Please bear with my utter incompetance, this blog will be the mama whitestuff of all things wonderful someday soon....believe it!! Big kisses to you all....

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